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Sunitha Anup

India team, ICCT

Sunitha Anup is a researcher with the International Council on Clean Transportation, based in New Delhi, India. She believes that international development can play a key role in helping people via clean energy and technology. She has majored in electrical engineering and gained a Doctoral degree in Energy Studies. After researching the stability of power systems and the incorporation of renewable energy, she is focusing on the various policies needed for ground-level impact. Her current area of expertise in ICCT includes energy and climate-related policies in the transportation field. In previous research, she analysed how policy instruments like fuel economy standards could enable the transition towards electrification and that can be a critical input to policymakers. During her time at Agora Energiewende as an EnerTracks Fellow, she will focus on priorities needed for power system flexibility in the grid for the establishment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in India.