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Bayarmaa Lkhagvadorj

CEO, Mongol Energy Club NGO

Bayarmaa Lkhagvadorj has been leading the Executive Team at the Mongolian Energy Club, a non-governmental organization, since January 2022. In her role, she is dedicated to advocating for policies and practices that foster energy transition and energy justice in Mongolia. With a diverse range of skills, Bayarmaa is a seasoned professional specializing in climate change, low-carbon energy solutions, and climate financing and policy. Her extensive experience spans over 10 years, during which she has focused on sustainable energy development, creating an enabling policy environment for renewable energy utilization, and implementing energy efficiency improvements. Additionally, she has been involved in securing financing and implementing technical solutions in these areas.

Bayarmaa actively engages with pressing issues such as urban nexus and climate change, sustainable energy solutions, and the utilization of variable renewable energy resources for urban planning. Her efforts are aimed at maximizing the developmental impact of these initiatives in Mongolia. To support her expertise, Bayarmaa holds a Master of Science (M.S.) degree with a focus in Environmental Studies from Seoul National University, as well as a Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree with a specialization in Power Engineering from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology.