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Ayodeji Adekanbi

Nextier Power

Ayodeji Stephen is a Mid-Associate in Sustainable Energy and Institutional Partnerships at ReEnergy Africa. Ayodeji holds an MSc degree in Energy Studies with a specialization in Renewable Energy at the Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economy and Law, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He previously worked in renewable energy and energy efficiency research with a focus on hydrogen fuel cells at Clean Technology Hub in Nigeria. Ayodeji is engaged in country-based renewable energy project financing with a focus on countries across Africa. He is a green energy specialist with a growing knowledge of the technical, economic and policy aspects of renewable energy technologies. He is also an independent consultant and capacity development trainer for renewable energy businesses across Africa. During his time at Agora Energiewende as an EnerTracks Fellow he will focus on “Policy Instruments for the Adoption of Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Low-income Countries”.