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Analyst Energy Statistics and Scenarios

Fabian  Hein
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Fabian Hein works as an analyst for "Energy Statistics and Scenarios". Before, he was engaged in policy instruments for the industry sector.

In 2018, he worked in the group for "Energy Strategies Europe & Germany" at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research which examined the effects of the decarbonisation of the industry sector on the European Uninion Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

He received his master´s degree in "Sustainable Energy Systems" at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, specializing on electricity systems, policy instruments and sustainable development of organisations.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the Technical University of Hamburg in "General Engineering Sciences" with a specialization in "Energy and Environemntal Engineering".

Thanks to @AgoraEW and @Wupperinst for inviting me to challenge their in-depth industry study on behalf of @IEA. Excellent paper with many insights into needed technology and policy proposals. twitter.com/AgoraEW/status…

Spannende Diskussion bei @BASF_DE mit @P_Graichen @AgoraEW zu der neuen agora-Studie "Klimaneutrale Industrie". Entscheidender Ausgangspunkt: energieintensive Industrie ist ein Grundpfeiler des Wohlstands und Garant für hohe Wertschöpfung in D. agora-energiewende.de/veroeffentlich… pic.twitter.com/kCYDk0XrM8

You´re in #COP25? come and join us! Tomorrow we will hosting a #SideEvent about Sector Coupling towards Net Zero Carbon. With speakers from @AgoraEW 🇩🇪, @MinEnergia 🇨🇱, @Statkraft 🇳🇴, @IRENA, @ICMM_com 🇬🇧 and @4e_chile 🇩🇪🇨🇱. +info 4echile.cl/cop25/ #TimeForAction pic.twitter.com/IDzyGojHiS

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