No-regret hydrogen infrastructure for Europe

How Europe can start investing now in future-proof climate neutrality

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Towards a Climate-Neutral Germany

Climate-neutral by 2050 with renewable energies, energy efficiency and hydrogen and other measures

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A clean European industry

Achieving 2030 and 2050 climate targets for the industry sector by kick-starting investments in climate-neutral technologies.

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Recovering Better!

New EU budget not green enough

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Für alle Welt+ Leser:innen: „Nur neue erneuerbare Energien garantieren günstigen #Strom@P_Graichen im Interview.… #Energiewende #ErneuerbareEnergien #Klimaschutz @welt

#SouthKorea is aiming for #carbonneutrality in 2050 with the help of #sectorcoupling and #renewables. In the webinar hosted by GESI, we discuss #decarbonization strategies and roadmaps. Join us! March 11, 8.30-10.00 CET. Register here: @P_Graichen

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