Success Stories & Pathways

Stories from across the EU showing how to successfully decarbonise all aspects of our lives, complemented by conversations with Agora's experts on pathways to climate neutrality by 2050.

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12 Insights on Hydrogen

Renewable hydrogen is essential to decarbonise industry, shipping and aviation, and to consolidate a power system based on renewable energy.

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Global Steel Transformation

Shifting global steel reinvestments from coal to clean

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Agora Industry

Under the umbrella of Agora Energiewende, our new brand is driving the industry's transformation towards climate neutrality

 About Agora Industry

How to make renewable hydrogen cost-competitive

The essential policy instruments for renewable hydrogen’s successful market uptake – and its economic competitiveness.

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Climate-neutral Germany 2045

How climate neutrality will be possible in Germany as early as 2045

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'Fit for 55' Based on Environmental Integrity and Solidarity

Bold choices are needed to deliver the EU’s 2030 climate target

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Alle Details zu unserer Jahresauswertung 2021 gibt's hier:

Klimabilanz 2021: #Energiewirtschaft 11% mehr THG Emissionen. Gründe: 1) steigende Stromnachfrage nach coronabedingtem Einbruch, 2) witterungsbedingt weniger #Windstrom an Land & 3) mehr klimaschädlicher #Kohlestrom. Sektor dennoch auf 2030-Zielpfad wegen Übererfüllung in 2020.

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