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More Renewables, Less Coal and Improved Energy Efficiency

A new report from Agora Energiewende finds rapid changes in China’s power system

Call for French-German Energy Transition Alliance

Germany and France should forge an energy transition alliance – this is the key conclusion of a call to action by three think tanks published shortly...

Coal-fired power stations are not necessarily a barrier to the expansion of renewable energy

Old plants can be made more flexible at reasonable expense, allowing countries with a high percentage of coal-based electricity to make a smooth...

Renewable energies enable EU climate target achievement at lower cost

Agora Energiewende has critically assessed the cost assumptions for wind and solar in the modelling for the „Clean Energy for All Europeans“-Package

The German Lignite Industry

Comprehensive study with data and facts for an informed discussion on the essential restructuring of a historically significant industry

Continued Cost Declines Expected for Onshore Wind

Costs as low as 3 to 4.5 cents per kilowatt-hour can be reached, new study finds