The German Energiewende

An interactive dashboard with data and FAQs on the German energy transition or "Energiewende".

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Agora Agriculture begins its work

The new think tank develops strategies and policy proposals for the transformation to sustainable food, agriculture, and forestry.

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Mobilising the circular economy for energy-intensive materials

How Europe can accelerate its transition to fossil-free, energy-efficient and independent industrial production.

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Regaining Europeʼs Energy Sovereignty

Agora Energiewende proposes 15 actions for RePowerEU to reduce fossil gas dependency and help achieve the climate targets at the same time.

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Success Stories & Pathways

Stories from across the EU showing how to successfully decarbonise all aspects of our lives, complemented by conversations with Agora's experts on pathways to climate neutrality by 2050.

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12 Insights on Hydrogen

Renewable hydrogen is essential to decarbonise industry, shipping and aviation, and to consolidate a power system based on renewable energy.

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Global Steel Transformation

Shifting global steel reinvestments from coal to clean

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Climate-neutral Germany 2045

How climate neutrality will be possible in Germany as early as 2045

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    Understanding the German Energiewende

    Agora Energiewende launches a new interactive publication exploring the German energy transition or “Energiewende”. The dashboard uses data and…



To learn more about the German #Energiewende as a large-scale economic & environmental project, head to our dashboard: 2/2

Q1: What is the #Energiewende? It’s a long-term energy & climate strategy to make Germany climate-neutral by 2045. What does it need? Rapid #renewables deployment, #fossilfuel phase-out, lower energy consumption & more energy efficiency. 1/2


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