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Wholesale power prices fall, renewables surcharge to rise – each by 0.3 cents per kilowatt-hour

Electricity bills should remain steady in 2016 if power companies make fair calculations

Europe: 50 percent renewable energies by 2030 possible with greater integration

By 2030 around half of all electricity in Europe should come from renewable energies in order to reach EU climate targets. This applies to Germany,...

Coal power reserve must be considerably larger to achieve climate protection

Study: Germany will only cut greenhouse gas emissions significantly if 18 to 20 old lignite power stations are removed from the market

Rising exports of coal-fuelled electricity threaten German climate targets

UK- or Dutch-style national climate protection measures needed as countermeasure

French capacity market lowers prices on the German power exchange

A study for Agora Energiewende shows the possible interactions of different capacity mechanisms on either side of the Rhine. Price impacts are limited...

2015 solar eclipse provides a snapshot of challenges awaiting the power system of the future

New study: The German power system will have to cope with challenging situations, such as the one occurring exceptionally on March 20, on a more...