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Integration costs for renewable energy: controversial, but likely low

High shares of wind and solar power transform the entire power system and can lead to additional costs aside from building the power plants...

German climate goals for 2030 and 2040 require coal exit

Germany's contribution to the Paris Climate Summit has far-reaching consequences for its power plant fleet, according to a study commissioned by Agora...

Old coal-fired power plants block EU climate and energy goals – retirement is the only solution

Agora Energiewende and Regulatory Assistance Project have published a strategy paper on “smart retirement” at the occasion of the first report on the...

Get Ready for 150 Gigawatts of Solar Capacity and 40 Gigawatts of Storage in Germany

Price slump in photovoltaic and battery systems forces energy-sector rethink

Wholesale power prices fall, renewables surcharge to rise – each by 0.3 cents per kilowatt-hour

Electricity bills should remain steady in 2016 if power companies make fair calculations

Europe: 50 percent renewable energies by 2030 possible with greater integration

By 2030 around half of all electricity in Europe should come from renewable energies in order to reach EU climate targets. This applies to Germany,...