根据团队发展的需要,Agora亟需招聘一位行政财务助理。办公地点 北京市朝阳区

Agora Energy Transition China


Agora Energy Transition China (Agora) develops evidence-based and politically viable strategies in support of the ongoing energy transitions towards net-zero pathways in China, Europe and beyond. As China is not only the world's largest carbon emitting economy but also the top clean energy market, the country's energy future is key for global environmental sustainability and climate change. In a world disrupted by multiple crises, Agora aims to work closely with like-minded partners to move China’s clean energy transition agenda forward, and promote international cooperation on pressing energy and climate issues. The task is both challenging and exciting, with numerous opportunities to make meaningful contributions. To further strengthen our team, we are seeking to hire at the earliest possible starting date an: Operation & Finance Administrator.

博众智合能源转型论坛 (Agora)旨在通过以事实为依据的研究制定政策可行的战略,助力中国和欧洲等地区以净零排放目标为导向的能源转型。中国不仅是世界上最大的碳排放经济体,也是世界上最大的清洁能源市场。中国的能源未来对全球的环境可持续性和气候议程至关重要。在面临多重危机纷扰的当今世界,Agora希望与志同道合的伙伴们密切合作,共同推动中国清洁能源转型,促进重大能源和气候议题上的国际合作。这项事业既具有挑战性又令人振奋,可以给参与者创造出诸多展现才华、奉献社会的宝贵机会。根据团队发展的需要,Agora亟需招聘一位运营及财务专员


Office location


Chaoyang District, Beijing


Your responsibilities include


  • Responsible for daily office operation such as logistics of internal and external meetings, events, trainings, receptions and travel itineraries in accordance with instructions, office supplies procurement, document printing, express delivery and receipt, document and contract filing, office relocation and renovation (if necessary), personnel attendance & vacation tracking.
  • 负责公司日常办公室运营工作, 如根据要求安排和落实内外部会议、活动、培训、接待、差旅行程等行政工作、办公用品采购、文件打印、快件收发、资料整理、合同归档、办公室选址装修(如需要),做好人员考勤、休假记录等。
  • Preparing financial plans in close cooperation with management and with the headquarter. Controlling and analysis of the financial and economic activities of the company and ongoing reporting to the headquarter.
  • 与管理层和总部密切合作准备财务计划。管控和分析公司的财务和经济活动,并持续向总部报告。
  • Planning/managing/controlling operational cash flows. Ensuring the timely receipt of revenue, including price calculation and controlling, invoicing, keeping an outgoing invoice book, receivables management.
  • 规划/管理/管控公司业务现金流。确保收入及时到账,包括金额计算与管控、发票开具、已开发票簿归档保存、应收账款管理。
  • Timely payment of invoices from suppliers and contractors, keeping an invoice ledger. Coordination, monitoring and documentation of the internal approval processes for ongoing payments, quotations and orders according to the 4-eyes principle. Close cooperation with external payroll and financial accounting involvement in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements.
  • 及时支付供应商、承包商的款项,并保存发票分类账。根据“四眼原则”协调、监督和记录公司付款、报价及订单等内部审批流程。与外部薪酬、财务合作伙伴密切合作编制月度、季度和年度财务报表。
  • Supervising and regulating the external finance agency to handle tax declaration, invoice issuance, statistics, audit and complete finance reports according to finance requirements; preparing other internal and external financial management reports as required.
  • 监管外包财务公司处理纳税申报、开票、统计、审计、根据财务部门要求完成财务报表等日常财务税务工作;制作其他内部及外部财务管理报表。
  • Carrying out other tasks instructed by the line manager.
  • 完成上级安排的其他工作。


We offer


  • An opportunity to work as part of a highly motivated and professional team.
  • 与专业和热情积极的团队协同工作的机会。
  • Professional relationships with colleagues and experts from countries around the globe.
  • 与来自多个国家的同事及专家合作的机会。
  • Opportunities for career development and advancement.
  • 职业发展及晋升机会。
  • Competitive salary, mandatory and supplemental employee benefits as well as attractive annual leave days (the equivalent of German standard).
  • 具有竞争力的薪酬、法定与附加的员工福利以及具有吸引力的年假天数(等同德国标准)。


We are looking for


  • Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in accounting, economics, management and other related majors, with English level CET-6 or above. Advanced writing and communication skills in English is required.
  • 本科及以上学历,会计、经济、管理等相关专业优先,英语大学六级以上水平,具备熟练的英语书写及口语沟通能力。
  • More than two years of full-time working experience in administration, operation, finance, cashier or other related work. Working experience in consulting, conference agency or holding accounting certificate would be a plus.
  • 两年以上行政、运营、财务、出纳等相关领域全职工作经验,咨询、会务行业工作背景及会计证书是加分项。
  • Proficient in using office software, especially in using excel to manage financial data.
  • 能够熟练使用office办公软件, 能够精通使用Excel管理财务数据。
  • Familiar with national financial policies, accounting, and tax regulations in China. In-depth knowledge of China GAAP guidelines is a plus.
  • 熟悉中国财务政策和会计、税务法规。对中国企业会计准则有深入了解者优先考虑。
  • Strong service consciousness, good at communication, coordination, and a quick learner. Conscientious, working meticulously and responsibly.
  • 具有较强的责任感和服务意识,具有良好的沟通、协调和学习能力,踏实认真,工作细致。
  • Proof of stable working experience is necessary.
  • 可证明过往工作比较稳定。
  • Candidate who is interested in long-term stable work in Beijing and is passionate in administrative and finance work are preferred.
  • 有意向在北京长期稳定工作、热爱行政及财务工作的候选人优先考虑。


How to apply


Please apply by sending your application package in English and Chinese to Agora Energy Transition China Beijing office: china2@agora-energy.org

Please include a letter of motivation, your CV (in English and Chinese), and relevant certificates, and also indicate your income expectations as well as your earliest possible starting date. For reasons of objectivity, we kindly ask you not to include an application photo. Finally, in the subject line of the application email, please clearly indicate both your full name and the specific position you are applying for.

The deadline for applications is 15 April 2023. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above email address.