A #climateneutral #Japan based on renewables by 2050? @RenewableEI_EN & @UniLUT & Agora Energiewende show how it can be done. Spoiler: >40% #renewables by 2030, #electrification, #efficiency, #H2 and #climateaction now! Key findings 👇 THREAD. Details: bit.ly/3qCbF8z /1 pic.twitter.com/VIO5ektR6B

Japan has pledged climate-neutrality by 2050. On the 10th anniversary since the #Fukushima disaster, a new report by @RenewableEI_EN, @AgoraEW and @UniLUT finds that a zero-carbon energy supply based solely on renewables would be affordable in Japan. More: renewable-ei.org/en/activities/…

#Japan must be a leader in the global push for #climateneutrality in 2050. How can a #greengrowth strategy look like? Answers in our new study in cooperation with @RenewableEI_EN & @UniLUT and the online event with @P_Graichen and @ChristianOnRE: March 10: bit.ly/38jI9Ow pic.twitter.com/k4hnt2VrTC