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Camilla  Oliveira
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Unser bisheriger Direktor @P_Graichen wechselt als Staatssekretär ins Bundeswirtschaftsministerium und wird künftig in der #BuReg für die Umsetzung der Klima- & Energiepolitik zuständig sein. Das @AgoraEW Team gratuliert dir sehr herzlich, lieber Patrick.

Meet our #ThinkTankSchool 🎓 fellows: @_camillaoliv is a Project Manager for Industry & Latin America at @AgoraEW. She will analyze how the use of renewable feedstocks & recycling in the chemical industry can generate benefits for the climate. Want to know more? Connect with her!

In her portrait in the @Tagesspiegel, @dgapev's director @Cluverc stresses the need "for #thinktanks to collaborate more, learn from each other, and add value to the democratic #policyprocess" - the mission of the Think Tank Lab. Read in 🇩🇪here: [paywall]