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The role of biomass in Brazilian IAM is discussed by @_camillaoliv in parallel session DEEP 2 on this 2nd day of #IAMC2020 >> without addressing materials there is no rapid full transition & bio-based accounts for 1/3 of total petrochemical production in a well below 2C scen -HvS

Don't miss @_camillaoliv 's talk at the DEEP 2 parallel session on how biomaterials can contribute to Brazilian mitigation pathways, based on the results of her recently defended DSc thesis!🌳

Using bio-based plastics as long-lifetime materials could lead to negative emissions. Find out more in the new study lead by @_camillaoliv, @marianne_zz, @PedroRRRochedo and Alexandre Szklo 👉… @CoppeUFRJ @ufrj #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #PhDone