Louis Rischkau


Louis  Rischkau

Louis Rischkau arbeitet seit Februar 2019 bei Agora Energiewende. Zunächst war er als studentischer Mitarbeiter tätig. Seit Juli 2020 ist Louis fester IT Mitarbeiter. Parallel studiert er Informatik an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

It's time for EU leaders to discuss less about energy price caps and more about a common solution to the problem of gas shortages. A thread here with a few proposals. #EUCO #EUCouncil ⬇️ twitter.com/AgoraEW/status…

Investments into structurally reducing fossil gas demand must be part and parcel of any “European defence shield” established now. 10/10

EU co-financing of green investments can continue through the Recovery & Resilience Facility. Its envelope should be increased by at least €115 billion in current prices. The RePowerEU plan only adds €20bn. bit.ly/3RKJLov 9/10

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