Frühling 2022

  • Anastasia Vereshchynska

  • Muhammad Mustafa Amjad

  • Nadia Combariza

  • Marina Azevedo

  • Gandabhaskara Saputra

  • PhD Sunitha Anup

  • Jephraim Manansala

  • Carol Mungo

  • Ayodeji Stephen Adekanbi


Winter 2020

  • Dr. Aksornchan Chaianong

  • Kajol

  • Eman Adel Sadek

  • Xinyi Shen

  • Dr. Marlistya Citraningum


Herbst 2019

  • Christine Juta

  • Felipe Sgarbi

  • Julius Christian Adiatma

  • Lina Maria Puerto Chaves

  • Neha Tiple

  • Zhou Yang


Sommer 2019

  • Agus Tampubolon

  • Ayşe Ceren Sarı

  • Catrina Laura Godinho

  • Lira Ramadani

  • Minh Tam Do

  • Vishwesh Pavnaskar


Frühling 2019

  • Aleithya Morales

  • Daniela Gomel

  • Deon Arinaldo

  • Naila Saleh

  • Oleksii Mykhailenko


Herbst 2018

  • Jannata Giwangkara

  • Pamela Simamora


Agora-Experte Thorsten Lenck im @DLF: Wie folgen auf höhere Ausbauziele jetzt mehr #Windenergie|projekte? Insbesondere die Beschleunigung von Genehmigungsprozessen schafft den Hochlauf der Windindustrie. Es braucht einen Pakt zwischen #BuReg & Herstellern. bit.ly/3d9dAQJ

Amidst the #EnergyCrisis getting off fossil fuels is more important than ever: How #Germany can reach 80% #renewables by 2030 and a climate neutral power sector by 2035? This way for comprehensive modeling and policy recommendations👇 twitter.com/agoraew/status…

And the full version of our study (in German) is available here: bit.ly/3PGbM0e 10/10

The English summary of our study “Climate-neutral power system 2035: How the German power sector can become climate-neutral by 2035” can be downloaded on our website: bit.ly/3zwuHDH 9/10

An additional benefit of an accelerated transition to a renewable power system: Germany’s dependence on #fossilfuelimports can be significantly reduced. From 861 TWh fossil gas use in 2018, demand could drop to 620 TWh by 2030. 8/10 pic.twitter.com/rb5D1YKFxH

Power grid development must pick up speed ➡️ 15,000km have to be added to the transmission grid by 2035! Key for optimal grid operation with 100% #renewables: measures for system security + efficient solutions for grid bottlenecks, e.g. examining geographical price signals. 7/10 pic.twitter.com/YgpOHhuuIn

Dispatchable power plants, storage, electricity exchange with European neighbours & flexible demand ensure the balancing of #electricity supply and demand. Crucially, new dispatchable power plants must be hydrogen-ready. 6/10 pic.twitter.com/lCAMvSO157

#Electrification in industry, transport & buildings through electrolysers, EVs, heat pumps & e-boilers must be implemented in a way beneficial to the overall system. This requires a swift reform of grid charges, intelligent distribution grid operation & smart meter rollout. 5/10 pic.twitter.com/2u5tLXR5mj

80% renewable electricity & gas power plants that increasingly run on green hydrogen can secure the coal phase-out by 2030 & pave the way for a climate-neutral power system by 2035. Crucial: reliable investment conditions for #renewables & #hydrogen ramp-up. 4/10 pic.twitter.com/67zx2NFeiv

Securing a fast transition to a fully renewable power system is more urgent than ever given the current #fossilfuel crisis. The annual capacity growth of #solarPV must quadruple & annual #onshorewind growth must reach six times the current level. 3/10 pic.twitter.com/LFfEaATUei

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