Frühling 2022

  • Anastasia Vereshchynska

  • Muhammad Mustafa Amjad

  • Nadia Combariza

  • Marina Azevedo

  • Gandabhaskara Saputra

  • PhD Sunitha Anup

  • Jephraim Manansala

  • Carol Mungo

  • Ayodeji Stephen Adekanbi


Winter 2020

  • Dr. Aksornchan Chaianong

  • Kajol

  • Eman Adel Sadek

  • Xinyi Shen

  • Dr. Marlistya Citraningum


Herbst 2019

  • Christine Juta

  • Felipe Sgarbi

  • Julius Christian Adiatma

  • Lina Maria Puerto Chaves

  • Neha Tiple

  • Zhou Yang


Sommer 2019

  • Agus Tampubolon

  • Ayşe Ceren Sarı

  • Catrina Laura Godinho

  • Lira Ramadani

  • Minh Tam Do

  • Vishwesh Pavnaskar


Frühling 2019

  • Aleithya Morales

  • Daniela Gomel

  • Deon Arinaldo

  • Naila Saleh

  • Oleksii Mykhailenko


Herbst 2018

  • Jannata Giwangkara

  • Pamela Simamora


This week, the #Enertracks fellows visited the @Europarl_EN in #Brussels and learned about how political processes can help shape and push forward the energy transition. 🇧🇪 🇪🇺 pic.twitter.com/XuR5fMEcuB

"We need to stop hitting the snooze button on the energy transition." Great conversation in this episode of @WattMattersPod. @RegAssistProj @AgoraEW @FORESIGHTdk twitter.com/WattMattersPod…

This week, DNV’s CEO of Energy Systems Ditlev Engel joins Watt Matters to talk about energy systems thinking and why a holistic approach is needed to make the #energytransition happen. It was an enjoyable conversation. Listen here: bit.ly/3sM3nyU. pic.twitter.com/QTm8AqCYfb

EU director @MatthiasBuck4 on #RePowerEU in @FinancialTimes: “These are emissions that would never have happened without this plan. It is good news for Polish and German coal-fired power plants, which can operate for longer.” Read more here: on.ft.com/3G7rNbC

Auch daheim kann jeder den #CO2-Ausstoss senken. @AgoraEW hat sich das Beispiel #Norwegen angeschaut. #wärmepumpen, die auch in #Deutschland viel diskutiert werden, sind ein Teil davon. #energiewende #klimawandel twitter.com/waermepumpe_au…

Another excellent 🧵on the #REPowerEU plans the Commission launched today - this one by @italiadati @AgoraEW focuses on the financing of these new initiatives. twitter.com/italiadati/sta…

Norwegen zeigt wie man den Gebäudebestand erfolgreich und schnell dekarbonisiert. 👇 Mit #Wärmepumpe, CO2 Bepreisung, Fernwärme und ein Verbot fossiler Heizungen. #RausAusGas #RausAusÖl twitter.com/AgoraEW/status…

Yesterday's #RePowerEU plan includes some good regulatory proposals to reduce dependencies on RUS fossil fuels & accelerate the green transition, but it fails to provide sufficient funds for national governments to do so. Great analysis and new paper by @italiadati @AgoraEW 👇 twitter.com/italiadati/sta…

Excellent thread by my colleague @italiadati, pls share. There are many goodies in #REPowerEU (above all on RES permitting), but most require new laws, hence effective in 2-3 yrs, earliest. Until then public funding accelerates, but REPowerEU offers very little fresh money. twitter.com/italiadati/sta…

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