Minh Tam Do

Gestor do Programa de Energia Sustentável beim Green Innovation and Development Centre (GreenID)

Minh Tam Do

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#China’s green post-Covid recovery? Chinese economy recovered most rapidly from #Covid19 downturn. But how green is the growth really? Our colleague Kevin Tu knows more. Find the article on our blog: bit.ly/2PervcO

Our 3rd #Covid19 #China #Energy Impact Tracker is out! Key Findings:1️⃣ Positive shock waves sent due to #carbonneutrality pledge. 2️⃣ In 2020 all forms of energy demand grew, including coal. 3️⃣ Impacts on China’s #energysector & geopolitics expected. More: bit.ly/3n9Mx8W

Die @IEA geht davon aus, dass die THG #Emissionen 2021 wieder kräftig ansteigen könnten. Aktuelle Prognosen belaufen sich auf ganze 1,5 Gigatonnen CO2. 👇 twitter.com/fbirol/status/…

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