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Klimabilanz 2021: #Industrie erreicht Sektorziel trotz leicht steigender #Emissionen. Branchen erholen sich unterschiedl. stark; teilweise noch Lieferengpässe. Um die 2030-Ziele zu erfüllen, sind jetzt Investitionen in klimafreundliche Verfahren notwendig👉

Die aktuelle @LageNation: Sonderausgabe (1/2) zum #Windkraftausbau in Deutschland. DE-Direktor @SimonGMueller erklärt unter anderem, wie sich Windkraftausbau und Vogelschutz vereinbaren lassen.…

The analysis by @AgoraEW shows that #WB6 need to step up the integration of their power markets and introduce CO2 pricing systems to avoid paying the CO2 border tax prepared by the EU. Furthermore, new coal-fired power plants would bring heavy losses.…

Alle Details zu unserer Jahresauswertung 2021 gibt's hier:

Klimabilanz 2021: #Energiewirtschaft 11% mehr THG Emissionen. Gründe: 1) steigende Stromnachfrage nach coronabedingtem Einbruch, 2) witterungsbedingt weniger #Windstrom an Land & 3) mehr klimaschädlicher #Kohlestrom. Sektor dennoch auf 2030-Zielpfad wegen Übererfüllung in 2020.

The detailed publication “The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: Challenges and Opportunities for the Western Balkan Countries” can be found here: 7/7

5️⃣ WB countries should use a larger share of available EU funds for supporting a just transition and socio-economic convergence with the EU. They should also prioritize mechanisms for #climateprotection to avoid costly disruptions of trade with the EU. 6/7

4️⃣ EU should use #CBAM revenues for technical assistance & knowledge transfer to help achieve a just transition in the region. Support for establishing the data and technical backbone of carbon pricing systems is particularly important. 5/7

3️⃣ There is no alternative to CBAM in an EU with higher #climatetargets. For WB countries, the CBAM rollout can be an opportunity to start and accelerate the decarbonization of their energy sector before 2030. 4/7

2️⃣ The WB region relies heavily on #lignite for power production. The EU #CBAM will have a significant financial impact on new lignite power plants currently planned in the region. Our assessment: new lignite power plants will be loss-making & should be stopped. 3/7

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