Philipp Litz

Chef de projet (jusqu'en février 2022)

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    Wido K Witecka
    Wido K Witecka


    21 September

    Yesterday the @IEA, @IRENA and the @hlcchampions released the Breakthrough Agenda Report mapping out for 5 key sectors what is required up until 2030 to be on a 1.5°C compatible pathway. What’s in it for steel? Are the 2030 targets achievable? Spoiler: Yes. A short analysis Q&A.…

    Dave Jones
    Dave Jones


    20 September

    BEST JOB EVER! It's been 2.5 years in the making and @EmberClimate is now ready. We want to hire a Managing Director to help us grow and impact better than ever! Please help us by forwarding this on, thanks.…

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