Michaela Holl

Cheffe de projet - Pacte vert pour l'Europe

Michaela  Holl

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Generell verbrennen ist deutsche Hochkultur. pic.twitter.com/OYu2vIBFLH

Gotta love it how they shoved energy efficiency into the last para of the energy chapter of the g7 communique, together with gender and diversity. So honest. We feel we should say sth abt this but don’t know what…. pic.twitter.com/2J3Vh04GHi

#Heatpumps and #districtheating help phase-out fossil fuels. Norway nearly got rid of all fossils for heating in buildings by subsidizing heat pumps, CO2 pricing, more district heating & banning fossil-based boilers. More with our #SuccessStories: bit.ly/3LLtGfP 1/2


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