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Matthias  Deutsch
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Synthetic LNG: "hydrogen is combined with CO2 - either captured from factory smokestacks or created as bio-waste decomposes - in a highly energy-intensive process to form methane [...].There are currently no plants doing this on a commercial scale." 2/3

A #hydrogen future for LNG terminals? - LNG to liquid H2 is "technical challenge”and a viable business model "far from imminent” - LNG to ammonia: costs just 15% of what’s needed to build a completely new facility - "most of planned LNG terminals in 🇩🇪" propose synthetic LNG 1/3…

BREAKING: Los Angeles is the latest city to ban fossil gas in new homes to fight climate change. With today's unanimous City Council vote, most new buildings will likely come equipped with electric heating and stoves in the next few years:…

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