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Power-to-Protein with PV, #hydrogen, DAC: It "requires only 10% of the land area compared to soybean, which is the most efficient plant crop. In addition[...] plants and animals use approximately 100 and 10,000 times more water to generate equivalent calories, respectively." twitter.com/pvmagazine/sta…

Current EV share of global vehicle fleet by segment: Heavy/medium commercial vehicles: 0.04% Light commercial vehicles: 0.4% Passenger cars: 1% Buses: 16% Two/three-wheelers: 25% Source: BloombergNEF 2021 EV Outlook

1.5°C pathways require net-zero emissions by mid century. This fundamentally changes industry's role in decarbonisation scenarios. The shift from "hard-to-abate" to even being the 1st sector to reach net-zero is remarkable! A short history of industry decarbonization scenarios: pic.twitter.com/XsgKAdNV11

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