The transformation of energy systems is an immensely complex process. An undertaking that has never been tried before; no blueprint exists. It takes decades and affects literally the entire economy. It requires the participation of stakeholders from policy, economy, science, and civil society. And, to succeed, it needs the brains of many, many people. Germany is in a fortunate situation: here, the energy transition started almost three decades ago. In all these years, the German society learned a great deal, and it is still learning.

As Agora Energiewende, we consider ourselves being part of this learning journey. Although we have a large number of experts, and collectively far more than 100 years of experience with literally all aspects of the energy transition, we are still learning new things every day. This teaches us some humbleness and reminds us to carefully scrutinize common wisdom and new findings. This is why we consider “learning” being part of our DNA.

This topic deals with how the knowledge and experience we have gained can be passed on. Although every country faces its own challenges in transforming its energy system, there are many similarities. After all, energy systems around the world are built on the same principles and with the same technologies. This is why Agora Energiewende actively cooperates with partners from other countries. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and collectively developing solutions for the numerous challenges that the energy transitions around the globe bring. Because, after all, our aim is to ensure future energy systems that are clean, cost-effective and reliable at all times.




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