Data and Tools

EEG-calculator and the “Agorameter” are our flagships, along with many smaller applications and data sets.

To make well-founded decisions on the future development of the power system, Agora Energiewende has sought to create the most reliable data and energy economy models possible and, as far as legally possible, to make these public.  These include our own products such as the Agorameter and the EEG-calculator, as well as Excel tools and data sets developed in the course of our studies. Our sources, data and calculation methods are presented as transparently as possible.

For example, more than 1.5 million large and small plants produce and supply power to the network. At the same time, millions of consumers draw power from the network. This complex system can only be thoroughly understood when data is available in a highly aggregated form.

The goals of the Energiewende are measured by how much electricity usage is covered by renewable energies. The progress and success of the Energiewende therefore depends on the extent to which the power system reaches these goals – a question that also is closely related to accessible data.

The same goes for the costs of the Energiewende. This depends, among other things, on which production technologies are used and on a variety of scenarios. The EEG-calculator is a tool anyone can use to calculate these costs and easily develop their own scenarios.

In addition, for many of our studies, we make the models and data they are based on available to the public – for example, costs related to production technologies.


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