Use of Agora Materials

We would be pleased for you to use our materials in your work. If you use these for scholarly works or press publications, you merely need a customary citation of the source. For many of our publications, you will find suggested quotations on our website or on the masthead. If you quote us in an online publication, we ask that you provide a link to our homepage.  We would also be pleased if you could send us a short note to let us know.

If you use our materials other than for scholarly works or press publications, such as for advertising or commercial purposes, please contact us at the telephone number or address provided here. We can then establish how you may use our materials.

In addition, our Agorameter is available as a widget for a direct link on your homepage. Details can be found here.

Due to copyright laws, the photos we show on our website are not freely available for use, unless they are specifically offered for download. As such, we assume no liability for the possible consequences of using photos from our website.

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