Sector coupling for grid integration of wind and solar

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This report investigates demand side response options in Turkey across buildings, industry and transport sectors. The study aims to show the potential of demand side response and how that can be operationalised to 2030, contributing to the integration of higher shares of renewable energy, which ultimately enables increased energy efficiency and deployment of electrification options such as electric vehicles, heat pumps, and distributed energy resources. The assessment quantifies the demand side response potential of different sectors and the impact on renewable energy integration, as well as on power system investments and operational costs. The study includes the costs and benefits of demand side response in the whole power system, as well as gaps and requirements in the existing situation demanding necessary steps to be taken.


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    Fiona Hughes, Michael Joos, Sam Foster and Shane Slater (all Element Energy), Ahmet Acar (SHURA Energy Transition Center), Mathis Rogner (Agora Energiewende)

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