Levelised cost of hydrogen calculator

The LCOH calculator is an interactive Excel tool that calculates simple levelised cost of hydrogen.

  • Software & data
  • Version: 1.0

The tool allows the user to calculate levelised cost of hydrogen and to adjust key system parameters, including electricity costs, discount rate, lifetime, specific energy consumption, full load hours. It illustrates the shares of major cost components and provides sensitivities.

The tool accompanies the publication “Levelised cost of hydrogen: Making the application of the LCOH concept more consistent and more useful”.

Disclaimer: This Excel tool contains numerous simplifications and is not intended for use in projects. No liability is assumed for the applications of the tool nor for any errors in the tool. The tool does not replace a proper consulting project.

Please cite as:Umlaut & Agora Industry (2023):  Levelized cost of hydrogen calculation tool. Version 1.0

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