Coal phase-down and divestment in East and Southeast Asia in response to the global energy crisis

Online partner event of the BETD

  • Webinar
  • 27.03.2023, 09:00 - 11:30

Agora Energiewende and Agora Energy Transition China is hosting a side event as part of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) to discuss coal divestment and phasedown trajectories in Southeast and East Asia in the new energy reality that emerged from the energy crisis.

The ongoing energy crisis had a broad impact on the energy transition not only in Europe, but also around the globe including Southeast and East Asia. It challenged the decarbonisation process across multiple industries, as well as raised concerns about the security of energy and supply, especially in China and Southeast Asia. At the same time, energy supply disruptions and infrastructure bottlenecks demonstrated how important it is to advance clean power transformation and reduce reliance on hydrocarbons.

As we look back at 2022, it is important to analyse how the energy crisis, the recent COP27 agreements and the emerging new energy reality changed the dynamics in the major coal-producing and consuming regions of the world. In this event, we take stock of the latest changes in coal phase-down policies in Southeast and East Asia and identify priorities for expediting the transition from coal to renewables in the region. We will analyse the new policy initiatives that emerged from the energy crisis, the policy gaps to be addressed, and the opportunities of current market dynamics in the region for promoting a more rapid phase-down of coal. The event will commence with an overview of emerging trends in coal investment in the region and its underlying dynamics. The side event will close with a discussion on opportunities for cooperation between energy stakeholders from Europe and Asia to advance coal phase-down policies in the new energy reality.     

The side event also aims to promote cooperation and exchange between the experts on energy sector decarbonisation in East and Southeast Asia and also draw on the lessons learned from German and European experiences.

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Coal phase-down and divestment in East and Southeast Asia in response to the global energy crisis

Online partner event of the BETD

27.03.2023 | 09:00 - 11:30

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