10 Benchmarks for a Successful July "Fit for 55" Package

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In July 2021 the European Commission will adopt a first set of proposal to align EU climate and energy laws with the EU’s new net-55 percent climate target. A second set of proposals will follow in Q4 2021.

Given the complexity of the July part of the "Fit for 55" legislative package, everyone involved will be challenged to continue ‘seeing the forest for all the trees’.

To support a healthy public discourse on the pack-age, this report highlights for 10 priority areas the most important concrete measures that must be included in the package to be truly "Fit for 55"; the Agora benchmarks for success.

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    Andreas Graf, Matthias Buck

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    Agora Energiewende (2021): 10 Benchmarks for a Successful July "Fit for 55" Package

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