Transparency in the Energy Economy

Proposals for improving transparency in the energy market

  • Project Duration: 12/2014 -

In implementing the Energiewende, it has become increasingly clear that transparency and the availability of data need more attention. Transparency is imperative for an efficient Energiewende, as a basis for political decision-making and for consumer protection. To transform the energy system in an innovative and efficient way, competitors in the energy market depend on reliable data and a regulatory environment tailored for bulk business. This should ensure efficient investment decisions, a cost-optimised Energiewende, and a secure supply of power. In particular, the trend toward a large number of small and decentralised production facilities requires – more than ever before – unequivocal transparency in the distribution network.

A qualitative discussion about the further development of policy incentives for the power and gas network is necessary, due in part to the Energiewende. A lack of available data hinders a quantitative assessment of the situation. There is little information about the development of costs in the network area. Information on the investment behaviour of network operators is limited to highly aggregated numerical data based on samples. For policy makers to make well-founded decisions, it is imperative to do away with deficiencies in transparency in network data.

It is still unclear today how network costs have developed since the beginning of regulation in 2005. Considering that reshaping of Germany’s energy system has triggered costs for network users, this data deficit must be remedied in the interest of consumer protection.

The project “Transparency in the Energy Economy” should promote the discussion to resolve this transparency deficit and lead to concrete measures for improving the situation.

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