The Sectorally Integrated Energy Transition

Minimum levels for the use of key technologies by 2030 and recommendations for critical decisions

  • Project Duration: 01/2016 - 02/2017

An analysis of energy policy target scenarios for 2050 commissioned by Agora Energiewende has shown considerable uncertainty regarding the development of electricity consumption and the associated required expansion of renewable energy sources until 2050. This uncertainty is mainly due to electricity consumption by the heat and transport sectors in a decarbonised world, given different assumptions for building efficiency and the availability of CO2-neutral fuels. For long-term energy policy strategies to be robust, they need to be compatible with different actual development paths; and they need to make the critical decisions that are required for reaching the intermediate step 2030 already today.

Therefore, this study is about identifying minimum levels for the use of key technologies by 2030 and making recommendations for critical decisions before 2030 to reach those minimum levels. The transformation paths for the key technologies will be supported by sensitivity analyses for important boundary conditions. This study will also analyse flexibility potential and related interfaces between sectors.

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