The green electricity gap, its electricity market effects and how it can be filled

Options to still achieve the 65 percent renewables target in 2030

  • Project Duration: 02/2020 - 03/2020

In order to achieve the renewable energy target and thus the climate protection target in Germany for 2030, a dynamic expansion of wind and solar energy is necessary. The problem, however, is that because the expansion of onshore wind power plants has virtually collapsed from over five to just one gigawatt in the last two years, there is a massive shortfall in green electricity. And currently there is hardly any improvement in sight. The following brief study therefore first deals with the question of what effects it would have if the wind power crisis persists. And secondly, it examines the mix of onshore wind power, offshore wind power and photovoltaics that could still be used to close the dreaded green electricity gap.

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