The German Energy Transition in the Year of Corona

Analysis of the German State of Affairs in 2020

  • Project Duration: 12/2020 - 01/2021

Shortly after the turn of the year, Agora Energiewende gives an overview of the developments in the German power sector from the previous year. The focus of the report is the energy transition in the year of the corona pandemic, the implications of the crisis for the German climate target 2020 as well as for power production, generation capacities, the cost of conventional and renewable power plants, the progress in climate protection, and trends in the international power trade and on the power and commodity markets.

The 2020 report begins with a summary of the effects of the pandemic on the power sector. Along with several events that characterized the power sector in 2020 as well as some insights into citizens’ attitudes towards the progress and the implementation of the energy transition in general, the report concludes with an outlook for 2021.

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