The European Power System in 2030: Challenges and Benefits

Analysis of the flexibility demands of the European power system in 2030

  • Project Duration: 07/2014 - 05/2015

The power system in Europe is increasingly shaped by renewable energies. The EU goal to have a 27 percent share of renewables by 2030 means that around 50 percent of power production will come from renewables. Due to sizable cost reductions in recent years, most of the new production capacity can be expected to come from wind and solar power. Because production from these technologies fluctuates, a more flexible power system will be necessary. A decisive option for achieving flexibility is the further integration of the European energy markets.

In order to determine the concrete effects of wind and solar power on the need for flexibility and to quantify the advantages of regional and European market integration, this project will simulate and evaluate in detail various power production scenarios. The analysis focuses on the region of the Pentalateral Energy Forum.

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