The basics of the Energy Transition

Each volume of this publication series "A Word On..." deals with a fundamental question on the energy transition.

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More and more countries around the world are accelerating the transition of their energy systems to renewable energies. In doing so each country must master individual challenges - in line with economic, social and natural conditions - to integrate a growing share of renewable energies into the national power grid. However, there are some similarities in these challenges and generally valid lessons have been learned from previous experience. A number of fundamental questions arise when transitioning energy systems: for example, how can incentive structures for renewable energies be created? Or how can the electricity system cope with the feed-in of electricity from fluctuating energy sources such as wind and solar?

The publication series "A Word on..." deals with such fundamental questions. Each volume of the series deals with one topic at a time and presents clearly explained solutions based on the real experience of countries which have already integrated a high proportion of renewable energies into their power grids.

The series is published in English and is intended to be read both by decision-makers and power sector experts. There are concise overview sections as well as detailed in-depth information. The publications are available for download below.

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