The 2014 reform of the Renewable Energy Act (“EEG 2.0”)

In October 2013, Agora Energiewende proposed radically simplifying the Renewable Energy Act in an initial step in 2014 (“EEG 2.0”)The 2014 reform of the Renewable Energy Act (“EEG 2.0”)

  • Project Duration: 07/2013 - 08/2014

In a second step until 2017, Agora proposed a transparent market design process for renewable and conventional energy suppliers that would lead to more fundamental changes, where needed, in the way renewable energies are financed. In January 2014, this was supplemented by a concept for reforming how industry is exempted from the renewable energy surcharge.

The German lower and upper houses of parliament signed off on an EEG reform in the first half of 2014 that was largely based on this EEG 2.0 concept. The project culminated in a background paper in August 2014, which detailed the key points of the reform.

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