Supporting the Energy Transition in Mexico

Advising on the development of the regulatory framework of the energy transition and strengthening think tanks in Mexiko

  • Project Duration: 09/2017 - 04/2019

Mexico has initiated the comprehensive reform of its energy sector. The Mexican government garnered a great deal of international attention in 2016 when it launched its first public tendering procedure for clean energy. Nevertheless, the country is confronted by a range of pressing questions, including:

  • What technical and regulatory requirements will arise when large quantities of wind and solar energy are fed into the Mexican power grid?
  • How can demand for power be reduced given the existing regulatory regime, which provides excessive subsidies?
  • How can a transition toward greater sustainability be achieved in the transport sector given rapidly rising demand for mobility, especially in private transport?

Since September 2017 Agora Energiewende has been assisting the Mexican office of the German development agency GIZ, which is in turn advising the Mexican government.

As part of this project, Agora Energiewende intends to provide advisory support to GIZ in the following areas:

  • Effective strategic communication about the clean energy transition, including how to support the policy formulation process
  • Ensuring coherent support mechanisms in order to achieve energy transition targets
  • Spotlighting options for abolishing subsidies in the power sector
  • Elucidating the role of flexibility in the Mexican power system
  • Providing data for energy scenarios and models

At the same time, Agora Energiewende will assist the Initiativa Climática de México (ICM), a think tank devoted to analysing and supporting the Mexican energy transition.

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