Phasing out coal and lignite in the EU’s power system by 2030

This project develops a robust pathway for a lignite and coal phase-out by 2030 in the EU-27 power system. Emphasis will be on security of supply and system cost.

  • Project Duration: 07/2020 - 12/2020

By the end of 2020, the EU will pledge increased CO2 mitigation targets for 2030 and raise the current reduction target from 40 percent to 50 or 55 percent greenhouse gas emission reductions compared with 1990 levels. The power sector will play a key role in a “raised ambition environment” to deliver deep emission reductions. In the context of Brexit, the demands will be even higher on the EU-27 power system. A phase-out of coal (hard-coal and lignite) by 2030 in the EU-27 power system might become a necessary condition for a minus 50 or minus 55 percent target for the EU-27.

The project will demonstrate how a Europe-wide coal phase out by 2030 can be managed in the electricity system while ensuring 24/7 security of supply and ramping up renewables.

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