On the path to climate neutrality: showcasing success stories and pathways

Stories from across the EU showing how to successfully decarbonise all aspects of our daily lifes, covering the building, transport, electricity and industry sectors, complemented by conversations with Agora's experts on pathways to climate neutrality by 2050.

  • Project Duration: 03/2021 - 12/2023

Across Europe, national and local governments, civil society and citizens are acting for climate protection. Their success is a source of inspiration and know-how for kick-starting the decarbonisation journey to climate neutrality in other cities and communities. Such stories demonstrate the feasability of choosing low-carbon and zero-emission solutions for providing services we need and use daily. Policy practitioners and stakeholders share their experiences and choices of technologies and policy tools to make it happen in a film.

The videos Agora Energiewende has produced showcase selected success stories to climate neutrality, with a focus on the policy framework used to initiate and accompany the transition. Complementory videos of conversations with Agora's experts explain and detail pathways to decarbonise our current way of living in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 in Europe.

The videos will be published shortly and are supported by a downloadable brief offering a summary of the success story or pathway.

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