Innovative Grid Toolbox

Innovative toolbox for grid integration of renewable energy sources

  • Project Duration: 01/2017 - 09/2017

Grid expansion is an essential flexibility option for integrating ever-greater shares of variable renewable energy. However, there are delays in grid expansion. In order to tackle grid congestion, grid operators have to increasingly curtail wind power. By the same token, they need to undertake measures such as redispatching conventional power plants in order to alleviate grid bottlenecks. Due to the associated cost and acceptance issues grid expansion has become a topic widely discussed by the general public. The realization of grid expansion may directly affect acceptance for the implementation of the German energy transition.

This project by Agora Energiewende looks into which innovative measures or “tools” there are in order to optimally use the transmission grid. This comprises both grid planning and grid operation, which are strongly intertwined. Examples of such innovative measures or “tools” are the implementation dynamic line rating, high temperature low sag (HTLS) power line conductors, online-dynamic security assessment, and n-1 criterion “version 2.0”. The study provides a structured overview of measures that can be implemented by 2020 and by 2030. This overview may also give non-technical energy policy experts further insights into this rather technical sphere.

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