“Fit for 55” based on Environmental Integrity and Solidarity

This project aims to identify the policies needed to effectively deliver the EU’s 55% climate target in a just way, while maintaining competitiveness.

  • Project Duration: 11/2020 - 07/2021

 In December 2020, the European Council endorsed a 2030 climate target for the EU of minus 55% GHG emissions compared to 1990, complementing its long-term objective of climate-neutrality by 2050. Now that it is clear where the EU is heading on climate protection, the question arises as to which policies should be used to get there.

In this context, the European Commission has published a 2030 climate target plan and conducted various public consultations on how to strengthen the existing climate policy architecture to ensure target fulfillment. The Commission is considering the role that an EU-wide emissions trading system for heating and transport fuels could play to deliver these targets – in addition to strengthening existing EU policy instruments, such as CO2 standards for cars. Based on these deliberations the Commission plans to propose a massive ‘Fit-for-55’ legislative reform package in June 2021.

This project aims to support policy-makers in delivering the EU’s 55% climate target by designing a smart policy mix of carbon pricing and companion policies based on the fundamental principles of environmental integrity and solidarity. In this context Agora Energiewende is being supported by Ecologic Institut and Öko Institut in developing qualitative and quantitative analysis for policy-makers and stakeholders, including interactive data-tools.

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