Energiewende 2030: The Big Picture

Megatrends, goals, strategies and a 10-point agenda for the second phase of the energy transition

  • Project Duration: 04/2015 - 06/2017

With the achievement of about one third of renewable energies in Germany´s electricity consumption in 2016, the first phase of the energy transition has been completed. Now, the second phase is set for 2030, in which renewable energies will provide the majority of the electricity supply and greenhouse gas emissions are to fall by 55 percent below 1990 levels, according to the federal government. The year 2030 marks an important milestone in the energy transition.

Which trends will shape the energy market on the way? Where will we stand in the year 2030 in terms of climate protection, security of supply and economic efficiency? Does the energy transition actually bring additional costs or additional benefits? What will happen next at the transiations in the power sector, in the heating sector, and in the transport sectore in the years to 2030? What is the path from todays perspective and which alternative developments are conceivable? And what could an "Energy Transition Agenda 2030" look like for the 2017-2021 legislative period?

We address these questions in the project "Energiewende 2030 - The Big Picture". It brings together the results of numerous work that Agora Energiewende has created in recent years and draws conclusions and recommendations for a forward-looking energy policy.

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