Climate Friendly Power: Which Option is the Cheapest?

Power from wind, solar, nuclear or CCS: What is the cheapest option?

  • Project Duration: 01/2014 - 07/2014

Two decades of technological development have led to a strong reduction in the cost to produce power from wind and solar energy. The roughly 80 percent reduction in the feed-in tariff for solar power in Germany witnessed over the past five years demonstrates this fact. But how competitive are wind and solar power today in comparison to other low-carbon technologies? In view of Eu-rope’s ambition to achieve the cost-effective decarbonization of the power sector, we believe this question is highly relevant.

We have therefore asked Prognos AG to compare the current cost of different low-carbon tech-nologies, based on current technology specific support schemes, and taking into full account the reliability of the power system.

The comparison of costs presented here is only a snapshot of the current situation. Policy choices and technological developments will influence future cost trends for all technologies. With this snapshot we hope to contribute to a factbased debate on different policy options.

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