A social consensus on the transformation of the building sector towards climate neutrality

The development of a mix of instruments for the socially responsible decarbonization of the building sector.

  • Project Duration: 01/2021 - 07/2021

Climate protection is a task for society as a whole, including the decarbonization of the German building sector. The pressure to act in the building sector is enormous - both in terms of climate protection potential and the tight rental markets in many places: Climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest essentially means nothing less than a far-reaching infrastructure and technology change for the remaining almost 30 years. This challenge can only succeed if we balance costs and benefits across all affected groups and, in particular, resolve the tenant-landlord dilemma. The past four years have been characterized by stagnation, as no commission on buildings has come up with any measures. The actors still lack the necessary planning certainty for large and sustainable investments.

To finally get the building sector moving in the next legislative period, we need a roadmap for socially and climate-compatible further development of the building sector that takes into account a balanced distribution of costs and benefits across all interest groups.

That is why we are developing a mix of instruments that brings together climate protection and affordable construction and housing. The cornerstones for a climate-neutral building consensus represent the starting point for a social heat transition.

The framework must be geared toward climate neutrality, including distributing costs in a fair and socially responsible way and planning and developing heating infrastructure intelligently. Serial refurbishment and a pact for future trade refurbishment costs will lower costs and increase capacities.

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