Agora Energiewende expands its European activities

A few weeks before the European Commission presents its Fit for 55 package, the backbone of the European Green Deal, think tank Agora Energiewende announces the expansion of its European activities and the official opening of its Brussels office.
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The new Brussels office is a further step towards a stronger presence of Agora Energiewende in the European and the international spheres. In addition to assessing climate and energy policy developed by the EU institutions, the 12-member team also works in cooperation with think tank partners on advancing national energy transitions in France, Poland, Italy, Spain, the Pentalateral Forum region, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, and the six Western Balkan countries.

Focal points of Agora’s European work are the European Green Deal and the Fit for 55 legislative package, the scaling-up of renewable energies, climate-neutral industry and green hydrogen, economic incentives for accelerated climate action (climate finance, state aid) and the effective implementation of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package, particularly power market design and power system integration of renewables. 

“The 2020-2030 decade is critical to keep global warming below the thresholds set by the Paris Agreement. And Europe is determined to lead the way towards climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest. Achieving climate neutrality in less than 30 years is technically possible but requires fast and decisive reforms in all sectors of the economy”, says Matthias Buck, Director of European Energy Policy at Agora Energiewende. “Europe is facing difficult questions: What will its energy system look like in 2030 and 2050? Which aspects of the transition are particularly important? When should they be implemented? In order to answer these questions, the EU-team at Agora Energiewende is now working to provide in-depth analysis and pragmatic solutions to enable decision makers and stakeholders take informed choices”, says Buck.

In addition to its new Brussels office and headquarter in Berlin, Agora Energiewende has further offices in Bangkok and Beijing. The organisation works with its network of partner think tanks - in other European capitals and overseas.

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