Reducing Electricity Waste with Smart Markets

Agora Energiewende presents market solutions for reducing the costs of redispatch – Smart markets at the regional level can help to balance supply and...

Home Heating in 2030: Five Million Heat Pumps, Steady Levels of Natural Gas, Far Less Oil

Agora Energiewende presents its study "Heat Transition 2030" and outlines the first steps towards heat decarbonisation

European Power Became Greener in 2016 – But EU Emissions Trading System Was Not the Cause

A new study by Agora Energiewende and Sandbag reviews EU power sector trends in 2016: Renewables growth was moderate, gas-fired power generation grew...

The energy transition wins: Comparing the costs of a 100% renewables system vs. coal or gas power systems

The Berlin-based think tank Agora Energiewende presents a thought experiment: what would electricity cost in 2050 if we stopped the renewable energy...

Coal power is on the decline, yet emissions have increased – 2016 was a year of mixed success

An annual assessment conducted by Agora Energiewende finds that despite numerous positive trends in Germany’s transition to green energy, the speed of...

Understanding the new laws on Energiewende

Background Paper on Germany´s new Reneweble Energy Act, Electricity Market Act, and the Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition

Rooftop solar: Very attractive, but its potential is limited

New study finds that self-supply with solar power pays off—and the impact to the German power system is less than naysayers feared

EU Guarantee Programme for Renewables Could Save 34 Billion Euros by 2030

Agora Energiewende proposes a new policy instrument that could drastically reduce cost of capital for renewable energy investment

How cross-border electricity trading can work better

The rules on the electricity markets in the countries of Central Western Europe differ widely from each other. As a result, the flexibility of the...