Coal-fired power stations are not necessarily a barrier to the expansion of renewable energy

Old plants can be made more flexible at reasonable expense, allowing countries with a high percentage of coal-based electricity to make a smooth...

Renewable energies enable EU climate target achievement at lower cost

Agora Energiewende has critically assessed the cost assumptions for wind and solar in the modelling for the „Clean Energy for All Europeans“-Package

The German Lignite Industry

Comprehensive study with data and facts for an informed discussion on the essential restructuring of a historically significant industry

Continued Cost Declines Expected for Onshore Wind

Costs as low as 3 to 4.5 cents per kilowatt-hour can be reached, new study finds

Agora Energiewende and Roland Berger propose a pact between government and industry on clean energy policy and industry policy

The proposal aims to secure German industrial competitiveness while also promoting the success of the clean energy transition

Cheap Heating Oil, Pricey Electricity: Current Levies and Surcharges Hamper Clean Energy Transition

A baseline study by Agora Energiewende has found a large energy price imbalance that favours energy harmful to the environment. Reforming the present...

The Energiewende in a nutshell

10 Questions and Answers on the German Energy Transition

Reducing Electricity Waste with Smart Markets

Agora Energiewende presents market solutions for reducing the costs of redispatch – Smart markets at the regional level can help to balance supply and...

Home Heating in 2030: Five Million Heat Pumps, Steady Levels of Natural Gas, Far Less Oil

Agora Energiewende presents its study "Heat Transition 2030" and outlines the first steps towards heat decarbonisation