Energy systems around the world are entering into a phase of transition – driven by technological developments, the thirst for energy, and decarbonisation policies. The Paris climate agreement set the course towards low-carbon economies, and the cost degression of renewable energy has triggered a boom of wind and solar energy in many countries. This opens up a huge opportunity for clean development. However, while the deployment of renewable technologies is gaining momentum, systemic challenges for power systems require greater attention. All of these countries need to expand and enhance their grids, reform their regulatory and market structures and raise the financial means to achieve their targets.

This has sparked much interest in the German energy transition abroad. Obviously, Germany’s experience cannot be copied one-to-one in other countries. But some key developments are valid for many energy sectors around the world. At Agora Energiewende, we believe we can provide valuable support for partners in some key emerging economies, helping them to set the course for cost-efficient and reliable renewables-based power systems in the future.

Project management

Jesse Scott

Director International Programme (until September 2022)

    Craig Morris

    Senior Manager International Communication (until July 2021)

      Nina Zetsche

      Senior Associate Climate-Neutral Industry (until August 2021)


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