France is currently reshaping its energy and climate policy, with ambitious goals for the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency, together with a commitment to reduce the share of nuclear energy in the power mix. This French energy transition paradigm is serving as a common ground for stronger energy cooperation with Germany. France and Germany are the two largest power markets in Europe, together representing more than a third of the electricity consumed and produced in the European Union. Both countries have a track record of cooperation in the field of energy policy and play a driving role in the process of integrating European power markets.

Agora Energiewende’s activities in the French context comprise research and analysis of key components of the power system transformation in the national and regional context. We address concrete cooperation projects, as the French-German partnership can be a key driver of a secure, clean and affordable power sector transformation in EU. We also aim specifically at informing the French energy debate about the trends and challenges of the German energy transition. These activities, which are supported by several discussion forum, are closely linked to our activities in the Pentalateral Energy Forum.

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