Same Game – Different Rules

Wind park regulations vary considerably between countries

German Energiewende and French Transition énergétique bis 2030

Only together can France and Germany lead their respective energy transitions to success

The Future Cost of Electricity-Based Synthetic Fuels

Costs and potential uses of fuels synthesized from renewable electricity.


    Same Game – Different Rules

    Regulations governing the construction of wind parks vary considerably between countries. Indeed, these differences can have a stronger impact on...



Heute haben wir mit @AgoraEW einen spannenden Workshop mit den Nordics-Ländern zu möglichen Extrementwicklungen des……


We regularly host events around our studies and other timely topics but please be informed that these are usually in German. If interested, you may find an overview of the events planned for the near future as well as the ones which took place in the past on our German website.

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