Agora Energiewende starts new webinar series

Starting on April 9th, we invite you to discuss with us current topics about the energy system transformation every Tuesday and Thursday.



We are still available for you, even though in our office building only limited until further notice. However, you can contact us via e-mail and telephone as usual. Our events are cancelled until further notice or will be held digitally. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn if you want to stay up to date.

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EU Power Plant Emissions in 2019 See Record Decline

Our EU annual evaluation 2019 with numerous graphics and data

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Unlocking Low Cost Renewables in South East Europa

Case Studies on De-risking Onshore Wind Investments

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The German Coal Commission

The German Coal Compromise and its Significance for the Energy Industry

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The Southeast European power system in 2030

Agora Energiewende has published a study on how wind power and photovoltaics can replace aging lignite-fired power plants in Southeast Europe. The modelling shows that power outages can thus be significantly reduced.

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15 Key Proposals for Germany’s 2019 Climate Change Act

Fair and equitable measures that the German federal government must take to reach its 2030 climate targets

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How to reach the EU climate and energy targets 2030:

halve coal, 57 percent renewables in EU electricity mix. Plus more efficiency and a quarter less natural gas and oil. Read and watch our EU-Big-Picture 2030!

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Two tales of coal

Why CO2 emissions of the EU power sector decreased by 5 percent in 2018

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German Energiewende and French Transition énergétique bis 2030

Only together can France and Germany lead their respective energy transitions to success

Same Game – Different Rules

Wind park regulations vary considerably between countries

Application period open for first EnerTracks Study Tour

Training Climate and Energy Transformation Experts for Tomorrow



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