Unlocking Low Cost Renewables in South East Europa

Case Studies on De-risking Onshore Wind Investments

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The German Coal Commission

The German Coal Compromise and its Significance for the Energy Industry

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How to reach the EU climate and energy targets 2030:

halve coal, 57 percent renewables in EU electricity mix. Plus more efficiency and a quarter less natural gas and oil. Read and watch our EU-Big-Picture 2030!

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Bemerkenswert: Braunkohlekraftwerke liefern inzwischen keine Grundlast mehr, sondern Flexibilität. agora-energiewende.de/service/agoram…

In den vergangenen Tagen hat die #Windkraft mehr als die Hälfte des Stroms in Deutschland geliefert. Strommix war dadurch vergleichsweise klimafreundlich. #Agorameter agora-energiewende.de/service/agoram…


We regularly host events around our studies and other timely topics but please be informed that these are usually in German. If interested, you may find an overview of the events planned for the near future as well as the ones which took place in the past on our German website.

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