Towards a Climate-Neutral Germany

Climate-neutral by 2050 with renewable energies, energy efficiency and hydrogen and other measures

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A clean European industry

Achieving 2030 and 2050 climate targets for the industry sector by kick-starting investments in climate-neutral technologies.

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How to Raise Europe’s Climate Ambitions for 2030

In a new study, Agora Energiewende presents recommendations for the German Presidency of the EU Council

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Recovering Better!

New EU budget not green enough

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Dual-Benefit Stimulus for Germany

50 dual-benefit measures for economic recovery and climate action.

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☝️ Jetzt noch anmelden für unseren Jahresrückblick auf die deutsche Energiewende im Corona-Jahr 2020. Klimaziel erreicht, Erneuerbare Energien toppen fossile Stromproduktion, also alles super? Warum das nicht so ist klären wir am DO, 14.01., 10 - 11 Uhr 👉…

1/ A follow-up on: What can the EU industry contribute to the 🇪🇺 2030 climate target of -55%? Let's take a look at some key low-carbon technologies. Today: Direct reduced iron (DRI), steel #EUGreenDeal #cleanindustry…

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