Unlocking Low Cost Renewables in Sout East Europa

Case Studies on De-risking Onshore Wind Investments

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The German Coal Commission

The German Coal Compromise and its Significance for the Energy Industry

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The Southeast European power system in 2030

Agora Energiewende has published a study on how wind power and photovoltaics can replace aging lignite-fired power plants in Southeast Europe. The modelling shows that power outages can thus be significantly reduced.

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15 Key Proposals for Germany’s 2019 Climate Change Act

Fair and equitable measures that the German federal government must take to reach its 2030 climate targets

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How to reach the EU climate and energy targets 2030:

halve coal, 57 percent renewables in EU electricity mix. Plus more efficiency and a quarter less natural gas and oil. Read and watch our EU-Big-Picture 2030!

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Two tales of coal

Why CO2 emissions of the EU power sector decreased by 5 percent in 2018

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German Energiewende and French Transition énergétique bis 2030

Only together can France and Germany lead their respective energy transitions to success



In #Südosteuropa hemmen hohe Finanzierungskosten für #ErneuerbareEnergien aufgrund der Risikobewertung von Investoren die #Energiewende. Unsere neue Studie zeigt, mit welchen finanziellen und politischen Maßnahmen diese Kosten sinken. agora-energiewende.de/presse/neuigke…

#jobposting Wir suchen eine Projektleitung für unser Industrie-Team, das zur klimaneutralen Industrie in Europa & Deutschland arbeitet. Wen wir suchen und was wir bieten steht hier: agora-energiewende.de/ueber-uns/jobs…


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