Vincenzo Franza

Programme Lead Energy Analysis

Vincenzo Franza leads the energy analysis programme at Agora Energiewende and is head of the International Energy Data and Modelling Hub. He joined Agora in June 2020.

Before joining Agora, Vincenzo worked as a Head of Scenario Planning and Strategic Group Positioning at Enel Group in Rome, and was previously in the office of the CEO of Enel Group. Furthermore, he worked at the International Energy Agency in Paris as an Energy Analyst for the World Energy Outlook, contributing to several studies and publications on energy and digitisation. Vincenzo started his career in the Trading and Energy Management Department of Enel Group as a market analyst and power trader. He studied General Management and Financial Markets at Bocconi University in Milan.    

As some of you may already know, I’ve recently joined @AgoraEW in the role of Energy & Climate Advisor. I’m stoked to be working with this incredibly smart bunch on policy recommendations consistent with net-zero. Let’s get #hydrogen done right. (Thx @ed_hawkins 4 stripes)

#renewableenergies are responsible for 36% of the electricity generation, thanks to a sunny and windy November. Compared to November 2019, the price of electricity decreased (-5%). As a result of the fuel switch from coal to gas, emissions decreased as well (-3%). #Agorameter

Retrospect November #electricitymarket: demand for electricity at the level of November last year. Solar #PV (+49%) and #wind (+11%) compensate for decline in nuclear. Reduced generation from lignite (-3%) and hard coal (-13%) contrasts with increase in natural gas (+20%).

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