Thipyapa Chatprasop

Project Officer / Team Assistant International Energy Transitions Southeast Asia

Thipyapa Chatprasop has joined Agora Energiewende in July 2021 as a Project Officer/Team Assistant International Energy Transitions – Southeast Asia. Before joining Agora Energiewende, she worked as a Renewable Energy Planning Assistant at the USAID program in Thailand (USAID Clean Power Asia), that aimed to promote low emission power sector in Southeast Asia. Her responsibilities were supporting the study of ASEAN grid interconnection, low-regret pathways on power sector design and transmission planning in Laos, and conducting Renewable energy potential assessment for Southeast Asia through the RE Data Explorer which jointly developed by USAID and NREL.

Thipyapa holds a Master of Engineering in Energy and Environmental Management from Europa-Universität Flensburg which included the energy planning and environmental analysis. Her master thesis was the feasibility of 100 percent renewable energy supply to the off-grid island. She also holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Power Electrical Engineering from Kasetsart University.

Heute wurde unsere Studie zur direkten #Elektrifizierung von Prozesswärme und was wir damit erreichen können veröffentlicht. Die wichtigtsten Highlights gibt's im Thread 🧵 von @AgoraEW. Danke an @JuliaChMetz und @PhilDHauser für die gute Zusammenarbeit! Das hat Spaß gemacht!…

More background on security of supply through #renewables and how wind and solar have shifted the German energy system towards more #flexibility can be found here:

Q4: How can Germany secure #energysupply while working towards its decarbonisation goals? Until the current crisis, the shift to #renewables improved security of supply and reduced power capacity shortages, maintaining the reliability of Germany’s power system.

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